Imagining My Perfect Day – Damn, I want this!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

This exercise, “Visualizing Your Perfect Day,” forced me to face an unattractive reality in my life. I’ve been so busy putting out fires and reacting to crises over the years, that I really haven’t  been paying attention to my path or direction. It’s been react, react, react.  And, that’s not the way I want to continue living. So this is a truly beautiful question! It got my attention. It woke me up!  It helped remind me that I do have a “say” in my life. That no matter how old I am and how much time has passed, I still have the ability to create a life.  But then at the same time, I had a hard time actually focusing on myself and what “I” want.

After pondering my perfect day for most of today, and feeling quite uncertain , I deflected by asking my  11-year-old son, when he came home from school, what his perfect day would be like.  I prompted him by asking what he’d do for a living and what he’d do in the morning, afternoon and evening. And, much to my surprise, this is what he spit out, in a quite matter-of-fact tone. He said he’d be a pro hockey player. In the mornings  he’d get up and watch an inappropriate cartoon (which I shall not name, and makes me wonder how in the hell he knows about this particular cartoon),  eat pizza,  go play in his NHL game at night and then pick up his Australian  model girlfriend in his Lambo and go out to dinner. WTF????

I write “WTF” because, first of all, I’m wondering where my son is learning  about inappropriate cartoons, Lambos and Australian models!!  He’s only 11 after all! And, then I am in awe at how easy it was for him to imagine his perfect life. How in touch with those things that give him joy. Myself? I feel out of touch. Ideally, what I’d love to do is create multiple scenarios with different characters – like in a script  – and then act each one out to see which one feels comfortable.  Since I don’t have that luxury at the moment….Because  we do have a deadline……Here it goes….Completely spontaneous….From my brain to the page…..I’m going to piece it together as I go…..Telling myself not to care what others think….…And, encouraging myself that if an 11-year-old can do this, so can I!

I’m living in a modern prefab house in the trees….Am I in Colorado? California? Canada? The floors are cement  with cream carpets (scratch the cream carpets…I live with males……for clarification – my husband and son). There are oriental rugs that don’t show stains. My bedroom walls have ceiling to floor window that make you feel that you are actually sleeping outside -inside/out living a la Frank Lloyd Wright.  I look out the window and  see a beach, or some body of water, in the horizon. I say to myself, “That is a beautiful view! What a great way to wake up!” My husband is working on his art, music and furniture design in his studio.  My son is getting ready to go to school that actually teaches different learners and has a hockey team.  He likes going to school and is actually learning something.

I go to my kitchen, which is light and bright – a sleek Italian kitchen. My refrigerator is stocked with organic fruits and vegetables – stocked by my chef (because although I’m a certified raw food chef, I’m not a fan of making food). I grab a freshly squeezed green juice  and walk onto my patio that looks over the trees and I can smell the scent of pine needles. I go back into the house  and do yoga for an hour, steam for 30 minutes in my infrared sauna or steam sauna, and shower. I dress in comfortable, plain clothes…like dressy yoga clothes that you can actually where out (even if you don’t live in California…unless I do live in California. Do clothes like these even exist?)  I’m not a big clothes fan….that doesn’t mean that  I don’t like wearing clothes……but that it would be lovely to just wear the same style of clothes each day (maybe different colors) so I didn’t have to think about it in the morning…just reducing decision fatigue….and another excuse to become a yoga instructor.

I have my breakfast –  a smoothie and a bowl of oatmeal with almonds, strawberries and a cocoa/coconut oil based sauce.  I notice that when I eat well, exercise and take care of myself in the morning I feel great throughout the day. I feel so centered and calm. At one with the universe.

I grab my laptop and go outside on the patio in the trees to work on my business – Am I writing my blog? Am I interviewing alternative doctors and scientists, developing a website portal for alternative/holistic healthcare? Developing an insurance plan for alternative/naturopathic health care? I enjoy gathering and organizing information that can be shared with people to make their lives better or easier so they can bring their gifts to the world. I like creating information that can make a difference…..That encourages people to take action. So many people these days are distracted by health issues that it’s hard for them to reach their full potential. They are focused on getting well…on feeling better. What if these people weren’t sick or ill any longer? What would they be free to do in the world?  Getting and staying healthy can be such a distraction to living a life…..I know this first hand.

I plan a few trips to Arizona, California and Maine to visit and interview alternative doctors and visit healthy food manufacturers.  I also plan  trips to Sweden, Canada, and Switzerland where there are clinics and regulators I’d like to interview and connect with. These are places where my family can also go to pursue their interests in hockey, skiing, golf, computers, art and design. We love travelling together and seeing the world.

My husband interrupts me so we can eat lunch together. We warm up something that the chef has prepared and left in the refrigerator.  After, I meditate for 20 minutes. My husband, goes to our organic greenhouses to check on our produce, which we sell through a side business.

Then I get back to…..creating, designing, sharing.  Videos? A documentary?  Reading, watching, learning.

I am called by the association I started that is based in Washington DC. Congress is seeking testimony about GMO foods. “Am I available?” they want to know.  Because we have raised so much money with our membership fees (only $25/person and have 1 million members), we have $25 million to hire lobbyists that can fight the large corporations that pass laws to protect their unhealthy and environmentally irresponsible products and business practices. We are changing laws to allow alternative health practitioners to have their own insurance program focusing on prevention. Medical students now have one year internships with integrative, functional medical doctors.

In the evening we invite friends over for dinner. We take our son to hockey practice or watch one of his games.

We sit outside on the patio and look at the stars, sipping Chaga tea with steamed almond milk and cinnamon. My son says he doesn’t like it and wants a kombuche instead.

My son then tells me he hates video games and wants to read books instead. He says he wants to do ANYTHING on the computer EXCEPT play video games. He says to me that video games ruin your brain and he can’t understand how kids can be so gullible to be wasting their time and lives on that garbage.  (Is this too much to ask?)

Then we all go to sleep completely fulfilled – feeling that we spent our day pursuing our interests, developing our talents, and bringing our gifts to the world.


After all that trepidation in the beginning, this challenge actually made me feel so, so happy and at peace by the end. There was no commute, no traffic, no “have-tos.” These were all “want-tos”.  I felt a complete shift in my energy writing this….from uncertainty and doubt to – DAMN, I WANT THIS!

Rediscovering freedom

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

Today’s challenge asks us to blog about why freedom is important to me and why I want to live the Freedom Lifestyle. Maybe going into therapy would be easier! I’ve been pondering these questions all day. Feeling like I haven’t had  much personal freedom for the past several years, it was like putting on an old pair of jeans to see if they still fit.

I have always loved the concept of freedom. The ability to choose your path – to trust your spirit – that divine guidance or inner voice unique only to you that whispers your next idea or journey….that nudges you along in life.  When I was a little girl, that voice would declare to everyone that I never wanted to get married or have children. At the time, I considered those things a hurdle to freedom. I wanted a life of adventure! I loved studying the great explorers and read about their discoveries of distant lands. I wanted to learn, understand and be a citizen of the world. Freedom then meant adventure.

My affinity for “freedom” was reinforced when I learned that I had “the gap” between my life line and my headline, which meant it was inherent in my nature.  I learned this when I  studied palm reading. (What can I say? My grandmother had fortune telling tendencies that, I guess, rubbed off).  I learned that when a person has a gap between the origin of his/her life line (the line on the palm that starts just above the thumb and is between the thumb and index finger) and their head line (the line above the life line, unless the origins of the life line and head line are joined) it is an indication that the person values freedom and independent thinking. Yep, that is me. The girl who would make ties and wear them to school, eloped to the Seychelle Islands, moved 20 times in 25 years, and even homeschooled her child just because those seemed like the right choices for me and my family. Freedom  morphed from adventure into the freedom of choice….the freedom to live life on my terms.

And, that’s where I am today. Freedom to me is the ability to choose what’s important in your life – what you value – and create your life around those priorities.  At this point in my life, I want to create a freedom lifestyle for a few personal and professional reasons. Personally, having the flexibility to move where we want, when we want would allow for better educational opportunities for my son. There are other locations that have better schools and support for dyslexic children who tend to learn experientially. Also, we could move to better climates during the winter months for health reasons and family responsibilities. I also want to set an example for my son, so he knows that it’s okay to do something “different” from mainstream society –  to create the life you want. Especially with him being a “different learner” he may have to “think outside the box” to find his path in life. And, one way for me to set that example, is to live it – which fortunately coincides with my values. Professionally, one of my ideas is to develop an alternative healthcare blog or association – one that creates a membership with enough clout to influence legislation. And, having the flexibility to live in different locations allows me to build my expertise, my membership and network of contacts.

A Time For Change With Natalie Sisson’s 10-Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

Just what I needed and perfect timing too! Last week I received an e-mail from Natalie Sisson (aka “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”) announcing her 10-Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge which helps you take ACTION in your life by developing a clear vision so you have the freedom to do what you want and create your ideal lifestyle. She’s also offering prizes – a trip to her Mastermind Retreat in Bali, lifetime membership to her Freedom Plan program and a year membership to Teachable.

This challenge is just what this over-educated type A professional, turned stay-at-home mom, needed.  For the past several years it seems my life has not been my own. Factors outside myself seem to always be calling for attention such as moves due to my husband’s career, learning my son has dyslexia and homeschooling him to get him the help he needed, family member illnesses and deaths, and my own health challenges….Really, just typical life stuff, but oh so important and distracting.

But, now with my son happily in school, I am sensing the whiffs of freedom and new beginnings…..a chance to explore the possibilities and to figure out “What’s next?” So, with a bit of excitement and uncertainty I opened today’s Freedom Plan e-mail

Natalie’s Day 1 Question is: “What are your biggest challenges?” And, she wants us to write about why we think these challenges are holding us back.  Here are mine:

  1. I’m not certain if it is lack of confidence, self-doubt, or introversion, but I’m not comfortable with sharing my ideas and thoughts on the Internet. You see so many people get bashed and trashed by all sorts of people for sharing their information, and honestly it’s rather scary. So, maybe my challenge is caring too strongly what others think or the fear of being judged. Alas, I am not a Kardashian and would probably get kicked off their show in a heartbeat for being too private. This type of belief can hold me back because then I won’t be able to share my ideas, information, or gifts to the world. I’d be too self-conscious to make something happen. Even writing this now is not comfortable for me.
  2. Another challenge is having too many ideas. I have so many ideas and things I’d like to pursue. It’s like I have idea ADHD. I love learning. I have a law degree, an MBA, a real estate license, have been trained to be a holistic health counselor, am a certified raw food chef and wrote a book that reached #5 on Amazon’s Best Seller List. By not being able to focus, I don’t think I will be able to accomplish anything. Or is there a method I’m not aware of? How do you start a business or create a lifestyle when you have many interests or passions?
  3. My last challenge has to do with family responsibilities. As a mom who wants to start something new, I am challenged with knowing how to focus on starting a business and having a family. I know other people do this, but for me, I find that I’m not quite sure how to handle two priorities that are important to me. So, my confusion in this area….about how to make my life work with a family….is holding me back because I feel stuck not knowing how to move forward.

There you have it. My first steps into a new life.   Be kind, gentle Internet readers.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1