A Time For Change With Natalie Sisson’s 10-Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge

Just what I needed and perfect timing too! Last week I received an e-mail from Natalie Sisson (aka “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”) announcing her 10-Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge which helps you take ACTION in your life by developing a clear vision so you have the freedom to do what you want and create your ideal lifestyle. She’s also offering prizes – a trip to her Mastermind Retreat in Bali, lifetime membership to her Freedom Plan program and a year membership to Teachable.

This challenge is just what this over-educated type A professional, turned stay-at-home mom, needed.  For the past several years it seems my life has not been my own. Factors outside myself seem to always be calling for attention such as moves due to my husband’s career, learning my son has dyslexia and homeschooling him to get him the help he needed, family member illnesses and deaths, and my own health challenges….Really, just typical life stuff, but oh so important and distracting.

But, now with my son happily in school, I am sensing the whiffs of freedom and new beginnings…..a chance to explore the possibilities and to figure out “What’s next?” So, with a bit of excitement and uncertainty I opened today’s Freedom Plan e-mail

Natalie’s Day 1 Question is: “What are your biggest challenges?” And, she wants us to write about why we think these challenges are holding us back.  Here are mine:

  1. I’m not certain if it is lack of confidence, self-doubt, or introversion, but I’m not comfortable with sharing my ideas and thoughts on the Internet. You see so many people get bashed and trashed by all sorts of people for sharing their information, and honestly it’s rather scary. So, maybe my challenge is caring too strongly what others think or the fear of being judged. Alas, I am not a Kardashian and would probably get kicked off their show in a heartbeat for being too private. This type of belief can hold me back because then I won’t be able to share my ideas, information, or gifts to the world. I’d be too self-conscious to make something happen. Even writing this now is not comfortable for me.
  2. Another challenge is having too many ideas. I have so many ideas and things I’d like to pursue. It’s like I have idea ADHD. I love learning. I have a law degree, an MBA, a real estate license, have been trained to be a holistic health counselor, am a certified raw food chef and wrote a book that reached #5 on Amazon’s Best Seller List. By not being able to focus, I don’t think I will be able to accomplish anything. Or is there a method I’m not aware of? How do you start a business or create a lifestyle when you have many interests or passions?
  3. My last challenge has to do with family responsibilities. As a mom who wants to start something new, I am challenged with knowing how to focus on starting a business and having a family. I know other people do this, but for me, I find that I’m not quite sure how to handle two priorities that are important to me. So, my confusion in this area….about how to make my life work with a family….is holding me back because I feel stuck not knowing how to move forward.

There you have it. My first steps into a new life.   Be kind, gentle Internet readers.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/10-day-blog-challenge/10dbc-day-1




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